Who knew golf was a team sport.

$30 per Team | Optional Side Bets $5/ea | Minimum 12 Payouts

(Cost covers participation in all four Major Championships. 100% of entry fees are used in payouts.)


Before each Major, pick a team of 7 players from the entry list to be provided and your prediction of the final score under par (tie breaker.) The players you pick earn points for your team based on their daily score.

  • 20 points for the low score of the day
  • Subtract two points for every stroke higher then the day’s low score.
  • Earn bonus points for having any of the actual tournament’s first thru fourth place finishers on your team.


Receive payouts for the highest point total in a Major and for placing in the top 3* overall at the end of the pool. Last place overall receives entry fee back.

*Payout opportunities are increased as the total number of teams grows, keeping your chances high!


Side Bets span entire pool and payout the entire pot of the bet to the winner.

Bets pay separately.


Side Bet #1

Perfect Pics

Side Bet #2


Side Bet #3

Diamond in the Rough

Side Bet #4

Take Dead Aim

To win this side bet, contribute $5, have all 7 players on your team make it to a weekend, AND have the highest Rd4 point total of all 7-player weekend teams.


To win this side bet, contribute $5 and have the highest sum strokes of all 80+ rounds. To win this side bet, contribute $5 and have the highest single round score of any C-list player. To win this side bet, contribute $5, enter a tie break score for all four tournaments, AND have the lowest total stroke differential between your tie break score and the actual tournament winning score.


Side bets do not favor team points so you can win from anywhere on the leaderboard!

See attached Format, Rules, and Details

for more information.





Contact Greg Hazard with any questions at ghazard@365f.org